Connor Bedard gets called out for 'bothering' team medical staff

Published January 28, 2024 at 1:33
Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson gave an update on star rookie Connor Bedard, sharing that the young player is eager to get back to playing despite ongoing recovery, he also stated that the 18-year old is 'bothering' the teams medical staff.

"They initially said 6-8 weeks, so I'm not sure where we're at now, probably still four-plus weeks. He's going to bother the trainers, hang around every day, and ask why he can't play. He really wants to play,"
Richardson said.

Richardson's comments highlight Bedard's dedication to the game of hockey as he's shown several times, but is it too much?

Blackhawks forward Nick Foligno chimed in, mentioning that Bedard needs to pump the breaks,

Nick Foligno said the trainers asked for his help to keep Connor Bedard (jaw) at bay because he's already lobbying to skate:

"He's dying. It's pretty funny. I'm like: 'Man, just pump the brakes a little bit.' But that's who he is. That's why you love him."

Bedsy is truly one of a kind!
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Connor Bedard gets called out for 'bothering' team medical staff

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