A tragic piece of news strikes the Chicago Blackhawks organization with sadness

Published January 10, 2024 at 3:00 PM
In a somber moment, the Chicago Blackhawks community comes together to mourn the loss of Mike Perricone, a beloved figure and former Sun-Times Blackhawks beat reporter. Perricone, who dedicated 12 years to covering the team, passed away at the age of 72 due to multiple systems atrophy.

Perricone's impact transcends the realm of sports journalism. In 1989, he made a significant life choice, leaving the fast-paced world of pro hockey reporting to become a stay-at-home dad for his daughter, Jenny. His parenting adventures were chronicled in the heartwarming Sun-Times column "Jenny's Dad," providing readers with an authentic glimpse into the life of a father navigating uncharted territories traditionally dominated by mothers.

The transition from the hockey rink to the home front showcased Perricone's candid and honest storytelling style. He openly shared the highs and lows of fatherhood, offering a unique perspective at a time when fathers taking on the role of primary caregivers was less commonplace.

Beyond his contributions to journalism, Perricone took on diverse roles in his career. Following his departure from the hockey beat, he spent a decade on the communications staff at Fermilab in Batavia. Not one to be confined by boundaries, Perricone ventured into writing books, including the 2009 release "The Big Bang," a captivating exploration of the early history of the universe for young adults. In his final years, he was crafting a novel titled "Caged," delving into the struggles of a prep-school hockey player recovering from depression.

As the Blackhawks community remembers Perricone, they celebrate not only a fair and honest reporter but also a man who embraced change, leaving an indelible mark on sports journalism and beyond. A memorial is in the works to honor the legacy of this remarkable individual who played a vital role in shaping the narrative of the Chicago Blackhawks during a transformative era.
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