Luka Reichel's demotion to Rockford has set the team up for Calder Cup contention, thanks to his play

March 6, 2024  (8:16 PM)

Reichel with his back to the camera

Many players' careers are characterized by times of uncertainty and strife, which is a common theme for prospects in their search for their game.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Lukas Reichel has been the victim of this cycle, taking many steps forward in the AHL only to lose confidence in the NHL afterward. As a result, he was sent to Rockford once again to find his game.

The 17th overall pick in the 202 draft has found his career at a crossroads, as he will have to fight his way back into the Blackhawks lineup.
It may have worked out for him and the IceHogs since while he seems to have taken a huge step back, he has grown tremendously.

AHL Demotion

Since being sent to Rockford over two weeks ago, he has quickly found his game and pace, posting five assists in six games.
Reichel's contributions have led the IceHogs to consistent wins, of which he has been a key member.
His comfort level with the IceHogs has increased as he has two shots on goal every night, even when they don't go in.

IceHogs Key Player

Also, he has become a playmaker for the Icehogs, being able to create chances on ice for them, showing how much of a team player he is.
After one of his most significant plays resulted in an overtime win against an opponent, Reichel's confidence once again soared, and the league knew Reichel was a dangerous, skilled player on ice.
While the NHL season progresses closer to the playoffs, it is unlikely he will be recalled to the Blackhawks again.
As the AHL playoffs approach, Reichel will be a key player in the IceHogs' Calder Cup run.
In the AHL, he can refine his game, rack up wins, and prepare himself for important future scenarios.
Reichel's career progression hasn't been linear, but no development for NHL players has. If he is to continue to play at the level he is and take his confidence gained into next season, his career long-term could end up being notable in the NHL.

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Luka Reichel's demotion to Rockford has set the team up for Calder Cup contention, thanks to his play

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