The NHL is taking a page from the NFL's playbook.

Published October 6, 2023 at 11:43
In my opinion, the NFL is one of the best-run leagues in the world because it caters to the fan base to the fullest extent. Their NFL franchises host numerous events before and during the game, providing fans with a fantastic experience they will never forget once they leave.

One such experience is the NFL Red Zone. This broadcast is designed to showcase every touchdown and important play from as many games as possible simultaneously. It has been widely successful and will likely continue to be as the NFL grows and develops.

It appears that the NHL will be adopting a similar approach by test-running their version, known as "Frozen Frenzy," on ESPN 2 this year.

The idea behind Frozen Frenzy is to present fans with every power play, goal, or highlight deemed important for their enjoyment. ESPN will implement this on October 24th, when all 32 NHL teams are in action, and with 11 games happening simultaneously, there's a good chance for its success.

Now, it boils down to whether NHL fans will embrace this concept and tune in.
October 6   |   51 answers
The NHL is taking a page from the NFL's playbook.

Will you be watching Frozen Frenzy on EPSN 2 this year?

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