The NHL Has Canceled Pride Games and The Real Reason is Revealed

Published March 11, 2023 at 1:42 PM
The NHL Has been taking a lot of criticism from the LGBTQ community due to various teams refusing to participate in NHL's Pride Night games, and wearing the special Pride Night jerseys.

Now it's been revealed that the NHL has canceled all the remaining pride night games. According to Michael Russo and Joe Smith of The Athletic:

The NHL teams are removing pride jerseys to protect Russian players from consequences at home.

Russian players who participate in these pride nights could potentially receive arrest warrants in their home country, which could be detrimental to their lives after their time in the NHL.

Russia updated its anti-gay laws in December, making it illegal to spread "propaganda" about "nontraditional sexual relations" in all media, including social, advertising, and movies. Ben Noble, an associate professor of Russian politics at University College London, says that Russian players are "absolutely" at risk should they wear pride-themed warm-up jerseys. "These are legitimate fears," Noble commented that.

"If you put on a Pride jersey, then there is uncertainty regarding how this would be interpreted by law enforcement in Russia—and that's a risk. The authorities have the power to enforce this and other legislation selectively. It's up to them to decide whom they go after."

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The NHL Has Canceled Pride Games and The Real Reason is Revealed

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