The Blackhawks' case for Michkov.

Published June 20, 2023 at 3:52 PM
An impossible idea that the Chicago Blackhawks would pass on Connor Bedard. With the NHL Combine over and the grades in that he is the best player in the draft it's a virtual lock that Bedard will become a member of the Blackhawks.

But let's put on our alternate universe hats and see if we can make a case for Matvei Michkov going first overall, who has been rated as the second-best player in this year's draft by numerous NHL pundits and scouts.

What are the intangibles for Michkov to become part of the Blackhawks organization?

First, the Chicago Blackhawks are rebuilding and could settle for the idea that Michkov could not play for them due to his contract with the KHL.

This contract would allow the player to continue to play against men and develop himself physically and mentally. If everything held and he maintained his contract, he could walk into the NHL as a 21-year-old superstar who's compared to Alexander Ovechkin.

The Blackhawks are not in any hurry. They may try to finish in the top five again next year for the draft lottery and acquire another top-end talent to continue to bolster their core. Having Michkov over in Russia will help that happen.

Lastly, he will be a prolific goal scorer who would be the driver of any line he would be placed on. He would highly be touted to be in the top 5 in points league-wide shortly.

The downside for him is that his homeland is currently at war with Ukraine. That entire situation is a complete unknown for everyone whether he could leave the country.

Secondly, he's a winger. As great as Michkov is to build a new franchise offence you need a cornerstone centreman to create your scoring lines.

After having a little fun here and heading back to reality, Connor Bedard will become a Chicago Blackhawk on June 28th. The stature of this player and the abilities he will bring to the Blackhawks are too great for Kyle Davidson to pass up. If he did and selected Michkov, it would send shock waves across the NHL that no one would have expected while possibly becoming the village idiot.
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The Blackhawks' case for Michkov.

Where will Matvei Michkov end up on the draft board?

2ND OVERALL3013.3 %
3RD OVERALL3515.5 %
4TH OVERALL6026.5 %
5TH OR LOWER10144.7 %
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