Stan Bowman Has New and Interesting Prospects

Published September 10, 2023 at 3:12
The NHL recently organized an event at which Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman had the opportunity to speak to each other's peers in the sport. This is to keep them accountable and to make sure they have a chance at making it to the NHL in the future.

It was a very interesting event that took place at the O'Hare Airport which brought together NHL GMSs and Head Coaches. The two leaders spoke of their lessons learned in front of the audience, both Quenneville and Bowman.

«It gave them an opportunity to tell everybody about their experience, and lessons learned,» Bettman said.

As a result, both did this so they could continue with the reinstatement process in the NHL in a timely manner.

Although Bowman was indefinitely barred from participating in the league during this time period, he did indeed have a suitor during that time period.

It is true that the Calgary Flames approached Bowman when they were in need of a General Manager to fill the post. They interviewed the former Blackhawks GM and succeeded in finding their general manager.

«I still have to make a judgment as to when or whether it's appropriate for them to be reinstated,» Bettman said. «It's something I'm going to have to focus on more, and at some point, make a decision on.»

I believe that it may have been futile until it was decided that he would be reinstated, but it may have been a kind gesture from the team regardless of the outcome.

It appears that Bowman has been keeping busy all the while, working with Sheldon Kennedy's Respect Group for more than a year in an effort to eventually get reinstated in the NHL.

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Stan Bowman Has New and Interesting Prospects

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