Sad Revelation After the Passing of Rocky Wirtz

Published July 26, 2023 at 11:59
The NHL was struck with terrible news today as Blackhawks owner and chairman, Rocky Wirtz, passed away suddenly.

The Wirtz family has held control over the Blackhawks since 1954 when their grandfather, Arthur Wirtz, acquired the team. The family is well-known for their involvement in liquor distribution and real estate holdings.

After the news broke, Blackhawks fans realized that Rocky had passed away just before Connor Bedard's new season and new career were about to begin. Strangely and coincidentally, his father, Bill Wirtz, had also passed away just before the rookie seasons of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were starting.

Both leaders never got to witness their prized draft picks play a single game for the team. Following Rocky's passing, the CEO position was passed on to his son, Danny Wirtz. Remarkably, Rocky was only two years old when his father purchased the team in 1954.

As Danny takes on his new role, the Blackhawks and their fans are eager to see the legacy he will build with the team.
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