Referee Assaulted During Men's League Game

Published July 18, 2023 at 3:18 PM
Men's league's should be fun, but they're quickly turning into a not so fun thing. You see videos everyday of people getting assaulted, brutally hit, and more. It's starting to become a problem.

Well, in this video, a referee was assaulted.

In this video, a player was taking the puck up the boards until a referee got in his way. He then pushed the ref because of that, and the ref blew the play dead and ejected him. The skater then rushed up to the referee, started to argue, but then took things to a whole other level and cross-checked and punched the poor ref.

Attacking the referees have no place in hockey, and I hope this person gets banned from all organized hockey. Also, attacking the ref is a criminal manner, so he could get charged as well. Just an all round disgusting act.
July 18   |   161 answers
Referee Assaulted During Men's League Game

Should this player be banned for life?

Yes10565.2 %
No5634.8 %
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