REPORT: The Blackhawks May be Moments Away From Making a Trade

Published February 22, 2023 at 1:39 PM
The Chicago Blackhawks are prepared to have a busy NHL trade deadline day that is set to take place in just nine days time, on March 3rd. The Chicago Blackhawks have several players reportedly being shopped and who would also be good fits for contending teams such as Sam Lafferty, Max Domi, Jake McCabe and of course the obvious, if he decides to use his trade request, Patrick Kane.

While Patrick Kane has stated he is still unsure, the Chicago Blackhawks' first trade may be sending a defensemen packing..


That defensemen is Jake McCabe, who holds a very valuable $4 million annual salary that many contending teams are expected to entertain, but it may be happening any moment now as it's been reported Jake McCabe has reportedly modified his no-trade list.

McCabe had a 7-team no trade list, that reportedly contained all Canadian teams, and it appears it's been modified.

Hearing Jake McCabe has modified his NTL, but still NOT amenable to playing in EDM.
Oilers still have some interest in CHI roster. Sam Lafferty has been out there for a while.

As reported that the Edmonton Oilers showed interest earlier in the year, this will surely confirm that McCabe will NOT be willing to head to the Oilers, but more so a Canadian team in general.

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REPORT: The Blackhawks May be Moments Away From Making a Trade

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