Patrick Kane Reportedly ''Cherishing'' These Last 5 Games With Chicago Before The Trade Deadline on March 3rd

Published February 8, 2023 at 3:29 PM
The drama and constant rumors surrounding Patrick Kane's decision regarding his future in Chicago are beginning to reach new peaks. It appears that Kane still hasn't made up his mind, but the way he has been speaking in his interviews with the media have all Blackhawks fans nervous prior to the deadline.


Prior to Tuesday night's overtime loss to the Anaheim Ducks, Kane made some interesting comments to the media. Kane said that he's just trying to go about his business, playing hockey, but definelty had some internal talks with his agent and at some point will probably catch up with Kyle Davidson or whoever here and see how it goes.

The Blackhawks are running out of games at the United Center before the dreaded March 3rd trade deadline arrives, only having 4 more home games in that span. Kane said, "You'll probably cherish these five games a little more before the deadline just not knowing what's going to happen.... It's always exciting playing at home, always love playing at the United Center in front of the crowd here."

Kane also stated, "It's tough to decide if we're getting to that point yet, so I think there's definelty opportunities out there that are intriguing and could be exciting." While Kane may not have given an official decision to Davidson and the rest of the front office yet, it's getting harder and harder to imagine a situation in which he decides to stay.

The Blackhawks have a tough road ahead of them, but having Patrick Kane finish his Hall of Fame career in Chicago and breaking every Blackhawk record is what every fan wants. The rebuild will continue barreling forward with or without Kane, but having him around to lead the next generation would be fantastic for everyone.

Credit Source: Scott Powers, "The Athletic"
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Patrick Kane Reportedly ''Cherishing'' These Last 5 Games With Chicago Before The Trade Deadline on March 3rd

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