NHL analyst goes crazy during interview regarding Connor Bedard's mom and Corey Perry

Published December 7, 2023 at 5:33 PM
NHL analyst for NHL on TNT and former NHL player Paul Bissonnette spoke out strongly against recent rumors about Connor Bedard and his mom involving Corey Perry.

"Connor Bedard has been nothing short of impressive dealing with all these bulls**t off-ice internet rumors."

"There's a lot of people out there online that were f**king tweeting this f**king nonsense. I just feel that I was very let down with all these f**king idiots on Twitter,"
Said the former NHL player.

Bissonnette didn't hold back in criticizing those who started and spread the rumors:

"Now, most of you would be like, well, what do you expect from these f**king idiots on there all the time just trying to stir it up. And I was f**king disgusted by what happened"
Said Bissonnette.

Reflecting on the situation, Bissonnette expressed disappointment with the lack of empathy from those spreading the rumors:

"And I think that with what this kid's already had to deal with, coming in with all this f**king pressure on them and then going through that media circus early on, and then to put the next star in the league through this type of sh*t. You're not a hockey fan in my opinion if you're going on there, slinging it like that."
Said Bissonnette, lastly.

Concerned about the pressure Bedard is already facing as a rising star, Bissonnette criticized those responsible for subjecting him to unnecessary scrutiny, it's good to see a former NHL player stand up for the 18 year old rookie sensation, Connor Bedard.

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NHL analyst goes crazy during interview regarding Connor Bedard's mom and Corey Perry

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