Humble Toews holds back tears during the intermission interview.

Published April 14, 2023 at 10:16
To say the career of Jonathan Toews is not storied and will be talked about for years to come is just plain wrong. The longtime captain has been a model for players coming into the Blackhawks organization with the pure consistency that he brought.

3 Stanley Cups, have played 1068 games, scored 372 goals 511 assists for 883 points and has a + 148. He had 229 power-play points and 93 power-play goals. He has two gold medals as well along with many other accolades attached to his name.

It became public today, that the Blackhawks organization had decided to move on from Toews and general manager Kyle Davidson and ownership announced they were no longer planning to resign him to a contract extension after this season finished.

During the first intermission, with former Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp interviewing with his former teammate and friend, the always stoic and emotional list Toews held back tears as best he could.

I couldn't imagine what's going through his mind right now, as the Blackhawks organization is the only team he's ever played for and with so much history and so many memories that he holds, I'm sure it's going to take a few days for him to process the whole experience.

Once summer rolls around, Toews will need to decide whether he wants to continue to play in the NHL or hang up the skates he decided to move on to other adventures.

The Blackhawks won the game 5-4 in Overtime. Toews finished the game with 1 goal with 3 SOG and 2 hits.

Congratulations Mr. Toews on a fantastic career with the Blackhawks. You gave the fans so much to cheer for your model of consistency is second to none.
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Humble Toews holds back tears during the intermission interview.

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