Former Chicago Blackhawk Calls Out Auston Matthews For His Embarrassing Antics

Published November 5, 2022 at 2:34
Auston Matthews has been one of the most talked about names throughout the National Hockey League as of late, but not for the right reasons. Matthews has recently been called out by multiple former NHL players and even NHL reporters for his ''lack of leadership'' which was show in the Leafs most previous game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, November third.

Matthews was nagging on a Philadelphia Flyers forward all game, a agitator as most would say, Travis Konecny. Konecny is much smaller then Matthews by nearly a foot, and Konecny had enough of Matthews hacks and whacks during the end of the game.

Matthews proceeded to throw slashes at the Flyers forward, but when Konecny stood up for himself and wanted to fight Matthews, he simply smiled and waited for his teammates to come in, one of those two teammates to come to Matthews' rescue was thirty-nine year old Mark Giordano.

Former NHL enforcer Mike Rupp analyzed the footage, and references it as a true showing of poor leadership, and how Auston Matthews should be ashamed of himself, view the analyzation below:

This also lead to a former Chicago Blackhawk by the name of Andrew Shaw, to respond to the video with his own opinion, and referenced it as ''embarrassing for Matthews and the Leafs'', view Shaws' response below:


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Former Chicago Blackhawk Calls Out Auston Matthews For His Embarrassing Antics

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