Ex-Team Sweden Hockey Player Facing Multiple Serious Charges During Investigation

Published July 23, 2023 at 12:51

In May 2021, a former elite hockey player, known for playing in Tre Kronor, was arrested under suspicion of assault, attempted rape, and rape. Two years later, charges are finally being brought against him for all three crimes, which allegedly occurred on the same day.

According to the indictment, the man is accused of assaulting a woman, grabbing her neck, hitting her with a clenched fist, and committing r*pe.

According to the indictment, the man allegedly grabbed a woman's neck, hit her with a clenched fist and r*ped her.

All crimes must have been committed on the same day

This isn't the first time the accused has faced serious charges. Previously, he was charged with unlawful threats and sexual harassment, but those charges were dropped during the investigation.

The woman's plaintiff assistant, Elisabeth Massi Fritz, has criticized the handling of the case, expressing her disappointment in the previous dismissal of certain serious crimes despite supporting evidence. However, due to her efforts, a new prosecution has been brought against the accused.

The evidence against the former player includes SMS conversations and witness statements that, according to the prosecutor, substantiate the crimes.

The plaintiff hopes for compensation and a conviction for the perpetrator, as she has endured great trauma from the alleged crimes and the long wait for justice.

The accused man denies all criminal suspicions, and his lawyer, Nicolaus Rubensson, has been contacted by Expressen regarding the matter. The case is set to be tried in court in the autumn, where the evidence will be presented, and justice will be sought for the alleged victims.

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