Breaking News on RFA's

Published June 30, 2023 at 0:07
News came out on RFA's Philipp Kurashev and Caleb Jones' status with the team. One is staying and one is going.

According to Ben Pope, Philipp Kurashev is staying and Caleb Jones is leaving:

This is a very good move by Kyle Davidson to let Caleb Jones go. Caleb didn't offer anything to the team and was taking away a roster spot from a young defenseman.

Jones had 4 goals and 12 assists, tallying up to 16 points in 73 games this season, along with a -19.

Another great move by Davidson is making a qualifying offer to Philipp Kurashev. Kurashev is only 23 years old and shows loads of potential after coming off a career year.

Philipp had 9 goals and 16 assists, adding up to 25 points in 73 games. Davidson and Head Coach Luke Richardson, including the entire staff thinks very highly of him and thinks he can turn into a very good player.
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