Blackhawks tease Bedard in Chicago and blackout his name

Published June 25, 2023 at 0:10
The 2023 NHL Entry Draft is almost here, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see which promising young players their teams will pick up. The Chicago Blackhawks are particularly lucky as they have not just one, but eleven picks in this draft. Kyle Davidson has been hard at work securing these picks, ensuring that the team has the necessary assets to trade up or down if needed.

However, the player who has generated the most buzz amongst fans and the Blackhawks alike is Connor Bedard.

one week until █████ ████ is a Blackhawk!

As the talented center for the Regina Pats with over 140 points, it's no surprise that he is the top pick for many teams, including the Blackhawks.

Despite his own humility and talk of his friend Andrew Cristall potentially being picked before him, it's widely expected that Bedard will go first overall.

It's clear that the Blackhawks are excited about the prospect of adding Bedard to their roster, and they have certainly been teasing fans with talk of his potential.

It's hard to imagine the draft playing out any other way, and it won't be long until Bedard dons the Blackhawks jersey.
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Blackhawks tease Bedard in Chicago and blackout his name

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