Blackhawks fans will have to wait for Bedard jerseys.

Published June 3, 2023 at 8:45
As NHL drafts go, it's an all but foregone conclusion that the Chicago Blackhawks will be drafting Connor Bedard this year in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

There have been some rumours on the web, thinking that he may do what Eric Lindros did in the early 90s when he didn't have any desire to play for the Quebec Nordiques and demanded a trade to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Bedard will be a memebr of the Blackhawks. There's no doubt about it but currently, there are some issues for fans trying to acquire his jersey. According to Scott Powers of The Athletic, he explains that there is a lack of contract that's based on name, image and likeness which prevents the sale of the jerseys.

«Fans have been trying to buy customized Blackhawks No. 98 Bedard jerseys since the lottery. Some have apparently succeeded, but most people are being turned away, especially at the physical Blackhawks stores and on Fanatics' website. If you try to make a Blackhawks Bedard No. 98 jersey on Fanatics, you receive this message: «We are unable to customize this item with the text you have entered. Please try a different entry.» The reason is the Blackhawks and the NHL can't technically sell Bedard jerseys now because there isn't a name, image and likeness contract in place. Unless you can prove your last name is Bedard and your favourite number is 98, you'll probably have to wait until the Blackhawks actually draft him.»

Powers added
«To be clear, the Blackhawks are definitely drafting Bedard. There won't be some major draft surprise.»

Blackhawk fans have their calendars circled for June 28th when their team will be the first to stand on the podium and say Chicago Blackhawks select from the Regina Pats Connor Bedard.
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Blackhawks fans will have to wait for Bedard jerseys.

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