Blackhawks fans knew an Eastern Conference team was overrated.

Published May 4, 2023 at 0:41
The shock and awe of the Boston Bruins ousted from the playoffs is resonating through the NHL today. The Bruins slated to go on a rapid pace across the playoffs and be a heavy favourite to take the Stanley Cup this season.

That dream was halted by the Florida Panthers, a team that was 17th overall in the NHL of 32 teams and barely scraped into the playoffs less than a month before it began.

During a game between the Boston Bruins and the Blackhawks on March 14th, Blackhawks fans began to chant the words overrated repeatedly.

The Bruins did make a strong case for being the heavy favourites as they had the best regular season record in NHL history with 65 wins and also had the Florida Panthers on the ropes with a three to 1 lead in their series.

But as we all witnessed, their season came to a crashing halt and now our potentially being picked apart by free agency and retirement going into this offseason.

There's a strong possibility that the Bruins will not look like anything they were this season going into next season.
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Blackhawks fans knew an Eastern Conference team was overrated.

Will the Bruins look vastly different next season after their Round 1 collapse?

Yes7358.4 %
No5241.6 %
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