Blackhawks Should Shop for a Number One Goaltender

Published July 22, 2023 at 11:23
As all NHL fans and observers know, goaltending is the bedrock and foundation for any NHL organization to be successful. Goaltenders serve as the last line of defence and provide the stability for the offensive side to work and push against the opposition. Having an excellent goaltender instills confidence in the team, even on a bad night, reducing worries among players and on the bench.

The idea of a number one goalie has been waning for several years now, as many NHL teams have adopted a tandem style where both goalies share the workload to reduce stress Unfortunately, the Chicago Blackhawks currently lack a true number-one goalie and have settled for a bottom-third tandem, which may keep the team from reaching its potential for years to come.

While this approach might be intentional, allowing the team to focus on building a new core, there is a significant benefit in acquiring a new goalie, especially considering the additions of players like Taylor Hall, Nick Foligno, and Corey Perry to the mix.

Among the goaltenders around the league who have haunted the Blackhawks, notable names like Jonathan Quick, Connor Hellebuyck, and the feared Andrei Vasilevskiy stand out. Vasilevskiy, in particular, has dominated the Blackhawks with a perfect thirteen and oh regular-season record against them, including one shutout and an impressive .930 save percentage.

There are two options to address this goaltending issue. One option is to go through the draft and select a new goaltender who can become the cornerstone of the franchise on defence. However, this approach would take time as the goalie would need to develop over a few years.

The other option is to explore trades for standout goaltenders who have expressed their desire to be moved. For instance, Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets has recently stated his lack of interest in re-signing with the team long-term, making him a potential trade target. \

Another intriguing option is Philadelphia Flyers goalie Carter Hart, who, at 25 years old, has demonstrated impressive numbers when the defence in front of him is strong. With one year remaining on his deal, he could become an unrestricted free agent, making him a viable candidate for a trade.

Ultimately, it will be up to general manager Kyle Davidson to make the decision. He may choose to stand pat or look for a low-cost UFA goalie to bridge the gap until the team is fully ready to compete.

In conclusion, the Blackhawks should actively shop for a number-one goaltender to solidify their roster and maximize their chances of success in the league. A strong goaltender can be a game-changer and a valuable asset for any NHL organization.
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Blackhawks Should Shop for a Number One Goaltender

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