Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Has Been Presented With a List of Team's to Choose From

Published February 8, 2023 at 0:06
The Chicago Blackhawks fan base seems to be witnessing their last few opportunities to see the two faces of the franchise, Kane and Toews, in a Blackhawks jersey.

Both Kane and Toews have hinted in recent interviews that there are a lot of intriguing offers on the table, and they refused to comment on if they are staying or not. What we do know is the decision will be made public before the NHL Trade Deadline day on March 3rd.

The Blackhawks have been utterly awful, being the worst team in the NHL sets the Blackhawks up for failure for the next few years and not winning many games for a while moving forward, why would Kane and Toews, who are spending their last few years in the NHL before they both retire, want to spend those remaining years with the Blackhawks?

Well, they could take into consideration that this fan base loves them, and that they both have three-Stanley Cups underneath their belt, but it doesn't seem like they are..

David Pagnotta of the Fourth Period has revealed huge news on the two's future, revealing that Kane has received heavy offers from the New York Rangers (who have Artemi Panarin on their team, Kane's best friend) and the Dallas Stars.

He also commented on Toews, and revealed Toews has been presented with a list of teams to choose from..

#Blackhawks update: In addition to Patrick Kane, I can confirm Jonathan Toews has also been presented with a list of teams that have expressed interest in trading for him. And like Kane, while things can change, no decision is expected until closer to the trade deadline.

Additional information provided on Kane:

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Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Has Been Presented With a List of Team's to Choose From

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