BREAKING: NHL Player Injured in Serious Car Accident

Published January 10, 2023 at 9:20
The hockey community is keeping a young 26-year old individual in their thoughts and prayers due to a recent car crash.

NHL Forward Justin Kirkland was in a serious car accident while he was on his way to the Anaheim Ducks vs Boston Bruins game on Sunday. Kirkland was transported to UCI health, he remains under evaluation as many are keeping him in their thoughts and prayers through these tough and challenging times.

The Anaheim Ducks general manager released the following statement, as shown below:

"We are thankful for the quick care and treatment Justin received from first responders and medical staff at UCI Health. Justin is in great spirits, and we hope he will be released shortly."

Kirkland was drafted by the Nashville Predators 62nd overall back in 2014 and has since spent some time with the Calgary Flames and Anaheim Ducks minor league team, as well as the big club in the NHL with the Anaheim Ducks.
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