An Autographed Bedard Jersey Sells for a Staggering Price at Auction

Published October 24, 2023 at 0:21
Autographed jerseys from professional sports leagues always fetch a substantial amount of money from individuals willing to invest in rare collectibles. Collectors have been engaging in this practice for decades.

Typically, these jerseys are put up for auction towards the end of a superstar's career, rather than at the beginning.

However, in this instance, there was a departure from the norm. Connor Bedard, who has been hailed as the next face of the NHL and a future superstar for the Chicago Blackhawks, had his signed jersey auctioned, with all proceeds benefiting the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation.

After careful consideration, the Bedard jersey was sold for an impressive $20,100. This is a significant sum for the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation, the charitable arm of the organization.

Their website states that they
"work to create a healthier, more educated, and safer world for children and families across Chicagoland. By providing access to programs and resources that have a positive impact, the organization strives to invest in Chicagoland's youth, support local families in need, honour the sacrifices of others, and further promote the great game of hockey."

More of these jerseys will likely be auctioned as Bedard's career continues to evolve.
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An Autographed Bedard Jersey Sells for a Staggering Price at Auction

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